Antonio (Tony) Neri

Credentials: MD, MPH, FACPM

Position title: Director, Preventive Medicine Residency and Fellowship (PMR/F) and Population Health Training In Place Program (PH-TIPP), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Dr. Neri has over 16 years of experience with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the Indian Health Service. In these roles he has led and managed large domestic, tribal, and international public health programs; many of which have been self-sustaining. He has a background in environmental health and chronic disease. Between July 2020 and June 2021 he led CDC’s telehealth efforts for the COVID-19 response by working with leaders from public, private and academic organizations to coordinate internal and external activities to address the pandemic. This work culminated in the development and implementation of CDC’s strategic plan and research agenda for telehealth that continues to be implemented across the agency. He then continued to contribute to CDC’s telehealth-focused work while in his role on a detail with the CDC Director’s office and as the Director of the CDC Preventive Medicine Residency and Fellowship. He is currently on detail to the CDC Data Modernization Initiative, a multi-billion effort to modernize the U.S. public health data infrastructure.