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Residency Program Components

Program Design

The New to Public Health (N2PH) Residency Program is an innovative, 12-month, transition to practice program that aims to augment usual orientation activities to support new to public health professionals within their first year of governmental public health practice. The program is built upon the Foundational Public Health Services Model and focuses on leadership, professional development, specific role formation and competency for public health practice. Components of the program include:
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  1. An online accredited professional development course focusing on foundational areas and capabilities essential to public health practice
  2. Monthly facilitated synchronous virtual discussion sessions facilitated by program staff and guest content experts
  3. Completion of an evidence-based practice project to build leadership, critical thinking and translational research skills
  4. Support from an experienced mentor who is individually matched with each resident
  5. A community of peer support
FPHS model

Foundational Public Health Services Model 1

The N2PH Residency Program utilizes the nationally accepted Foundational Public Health Services Model as its framework. Content of each monthly session is driven by a foundational area or capability within the framework. Monthly outcome evaluation by learner assessment is informed by objectives of the foundational area or capability as described by the Foundational Public Health Services model.

Centers for Disease Control Quality Training Standards

The N2PH Residency Program was developed using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s eight Quality Training Standards (CDC, 2020).

The Kirkpatrick Model

Kikpatrick Model
The Kirkpatrick Model is a framework for training evaluation that describes four levels of training outcomes2

  1. Reaction
  2. Learning
  3. Behavior
  4. Results

The N2PH Residency Program utilizes this model given its ease, wide recognizability, and acceptance as a framework tool for training and program evaluation.

Modified Version of the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals

The N2PH Residency Program utilizes the Modified Version of the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals as part of evaluation. The competency assessment is based off of the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals which is a foundational set of skills essential for public health practice. The modified version is a simplified version for use in workforce development efforts which group similar competency statements into various categories.4 Residents will complete this method of evaluation prior to, midway, and upon completion of the N2PH Residency Program.

Adapted Casey-Fink Nurse Retention Survey

The revised Casey-Fink Nurse Retention Survey is a validated and commonly used instrument to identify nurse perceptions of the work environment, support, and encouragement.3 This tool was adapted for all public health professionals with permission from its owners to assess factors that contribute to employee satisfaction and subsequent retention rates.

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