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Program Components

The New to Public Health (N2PH) Residency Program is an innovative, 12-month, transition to practice program that aims to augment usual orientation activities to support new to public health professionals within their first year of governmental public health practice. The program is built upon the Foundational Public Health Services Model and focuses on leadership, professional development, specific role formation and competency for public health practice. Components of the program include:
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  1. An online accredited professional development course focusing on foundational areas and capabilities essential to public health practice
  2. Monthly facilitated synchronous virtual discussion sessions facilitated by program staff and guest content experts
  3. Completion of an evidence-based practice project to build leadership, critical thinking and translational research skills
  4. Support from an experienced mentor who is individually matched with each resident
  5. A community of peer support



Program Objectives

By the end of the residency program, the new public health professional will:
1. Apply learned concepts from the Foundational Public Health Services model to their public health professional practice.
2. Increase knowledge, skills, and confidence for competent public health practice.
3. Access tools and resources applicable to public health practice.
4. Apply health equity and social justice concepts to public health practice.
5. Demonstrate enhanced cultural humility, knowledge, and skills in their individual practice.
6. Research, plan, and present an evidence-based practice project within their local health department or community.