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To create and sustain a transformative residency program that effectively transitions new professionals into their current and future roles in public health.


A thriving, engaged public health workforce. 

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The New to Public Health (N2PH) Residency Program is a first of its kind, 12-month, professional development program designed to support new public health professionals transitioning into a governmental public health agency.

Intended Outcomes

The N2PH Residency Program is the first accredited online residency program for public health professionals in their first year of employment at a local, regional, tribal, state, or federal public health organization. Participants who complete the program will be supported in their critical transition time in ways that result in:

  • Greater competency for evidence-based public health practice
  • Enhanced confidence for addressing the challenges of public health work
  • High satisfaction with their new careers and clear intentions to remain in public health
    practice, thus reducing organizational costs associated with turnover.

Health departments that engage new staff through the N2PH Residency Program demonstrate their commitment to workforce retention which contributes to enhanced job satisfaction, work environments, and organizational commitment. The resulting empowered and competent public health workforce will build a culture of health and transform communities.


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The development of N2PH is supported by the NIH CTSA at University of Wisconsin-Madison grant 1UL1TR002373 and the UW Madison School of Medicine and Public Health’s Wisconsin Partnership Program, the UW-Madison School of Nursing, and from Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Interested in Supporting the N2PH Residency Program?

Check out the Contact Us tab or reach out via email to new2publichealth@son.wisc.edu.